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Taylor Hall Has Reached Legendary Status For Signing The "One For One" Tweet

As most people know, we are big Taylor Hall guys on Spittin’ Chiclets. He is #OurMVP. You don’t need to be a fan of Hall to appreciate his latest move, which was to sign a printed out tweet from the famous “one for one” Bob McKenzie tweet.

This trade might go down as one of the worst of the decade. Peter Chiarelli traded the future NHL MVP away from a team that needed scoring for a defenseman who probably isn’t a top pairing dman on a Stanley Cup team. Just an overall terrible trade. In turn, that is why Peter Chiarelli is sitting on his couch today and not in the Edmonton Oilers front office (amongst many other terrible moves).

God, Hall must be so pumped to get out of Edmonton. I mean, New Jersey isn’t the greatest place on earth to live. It has even been described as the arm pit of America….but I am living in New Jersey 10 out 10 times before I live in Edmonton. Especially playing for the Oilers. We had Dustin Penner on Spittin’ Chiclets this week and just hearing the dude talk about what it was like walking out of the tunnel in Edmonton is nightmare fuel.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 10.21.08 AM

While Hall probably won’t win the MVP again this year, he is still having himself a great year. Through 33 games he’s got 37 points (11g, 26a) and isn’t playing with the best supporting cast. Through 50 games this season, Larsson has 1 goal and 12 assists, while playing on the top d pair alongside Darnell Nurse.

I think I speak for everyone who remembers reading that tweet the day it happened and yelling “ONE FOR ONE!?!” so it’s great Hallsy can have a laugh about it now and make it into something fun.