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Probably A Re-Blog!: Did You See Karl-Anthony Towns Hit The Same Buzzer Beating Shot A Game After Kyle Anderson Had His Called Off?

Could have swore I saw this on the blog last night. Guess not. Who knows, this may be a re-blog. Maybe I should start looking for NBA highlights the next day instead of that night.

Or I’ll just blog 100 times at night about both NBA and NCAA hoops now. Either/or.

But, did you see this? Karl-Anthony Towns hitting a pretty absurd buzzer beater. But, did you know it was against the Grizzlies? Did you know the Grizzlies did something crazy in their last game? Probably, right?

So what do we learn here? First, hitting fadeaway shots from the baseline at the buzzer is pretty damn awesome. Anderson’s shot should have count just because it was over the backboard and impressive. Plus that whole 3rd times the charm saying.

But, we also learned that Kentucky > UCLA. I firmly believe if Kyle Anderson went to Kentucky, Cal would have taught him how to tip tope the baseline. Oh, also that Towns is still really damn good.

That’s last night in the NBA!