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Do We FINALLY Have A Timetable For Manny Machado And Bryce Harper To Sign?
No. No we don't. We're literally 24 hours from February, just two weeks until pitchers and catchers report for some teams, and two of the best talents in baseball don't have jobs. What the hell is going on? It seemed as if we'd know where at least one of these guys were headed right after Christmas. Normally baseball shuts down from Christmas to New Years, and when Manny Machado said he'd likely sign in the first week in January, we all got excited. Well we're sniffing the first week of February and there is literally no news on these guys.
The only news we're getting is from guys like Jon Heyman saying that there is no decision coming anytime soon from Machado. Great, awesome, grand. Machado met with the White Sox on December 17th, the Yankees on December 19th, and the Phillies on December 20th. We've had some leaked reports on contact years and numbers, but nothing set in stone. Apparently the Yankees haven't made any offer either? The White Sox seem to be the leader in the clubhouse, but it's all crickets from them too. Have they made an offer? Is it the $175 reported that WSD said wasn't true? How many years? Philadelphia is also obviously in the race, but did he enjoy his visit there? The vibe around the visit was that he didn't enjoy it, but who the hell knows if thats true because there is no god damn news on this.
This whole thing is weird. To make it even more strange, the Padres are thought to be the Mystery Team in all of this. So now it seems that Machado is going to give them a face-to-face meeting, but we don't know where or when. There is a legit chance we will see teams report for Spring Training and Manny Machado will still be a free agent.
The Bryce Harper free agent saga is even stranger, there doesn't seem to be any public information out there at all. They said he met with the Phillies in Vegas a few weeks back, but no updates or numbers came from that meeting. We obviously know about the 10 year- $300 million offer from the Nationals that they tossed to him on the last day of the season, but other than that there is radio silence. I'm surprised that Scott Boras has kept his trap shut this long, but he obviously knows what he's doing. Philly has seemed to be the leading horse in the Harper race, but how can anyone be certain of that since no information has leaked out. I always thought that Harper would sign second because Boras would want to see what deal Manny gets so that Harper and his camp can ask for $1 more.
MLB The Show's twitter account posted this earlier this week, but then just trolled us all with a commercial of Bartolo. They know what they're doing, but no one seems to have any clue about Bryce. When the Dodgers traded Yasiel Puig to the Reds a few weeks back we started to think maybe that was them clearing a spot for Bryce, but then they signed A.J. Pollock so that seemed to take them out of the running. The Cubs, a team everyone thought would be in on Harper had their manager publicly say they weren't going to sign him. From a fan standpoint it's getting insanely frustrating now. The players are fed up with it too, you've seen all the tweets and Instagram posts about it, they're worried for the future of the game and players getting paid. They are worried that there seemingly is no market for two of the top talents in baseball, and thats insanely scary.
So to answer the title of the blog, no. There is no god damn update on any movement regarding Bryce Harper or Manny Machado, two of the top faces of the game. We're gonna be exchanging Valentines Day cards and Machado and Harper will still be on their couch. This is a god damn joke.