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Super Bowl Trilly: Day 2 of 5

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Greetings all,

Back with Day 2 of Trilly’s Super Bowl Chronicles. You can find Day 1 here. Enough of the rigmarole, let’s jump right in:

Tuesday, January 29th

-My Lyft driver is unable to locate me and twice asks me if I am in a different location than the one the GPS is showing me at. I say no. To both. She seems skeptical. 0/5 stars.

-I am now firmly #TeamIanRapoport. He was kind enough to come on Barstool Radio with us and his eyes lit up when Big Cat made up a nasty rumor about Adam Schefter on the spot. The rumor was clearly false and would have been crippling to Adam’s career. It was so vile I refuse to repeat it in this space. And Ian Rapoport was immediately ready to fire off a tweet reporting this vicious and absolutely untrue rumor about his direct competition. I like that from my NFL insider.

-Mark Schlereth shared his lifestyle with me. “I eat meat and I lift”. It shows as he is still incredibly jacked and while on stage, I wondered if Big Cat, PFT, Rone and myself rushing Schlereth at the same time could get to the quarterback. I decided the answer was no.

-I snuck a 2014 Malbec into Sonny Digital’s personal studio. Finally get to cross that one off the bucket list.

-I am only putting this here in case it proves true in March: Kentucky destroyed Vandy last now and goddamn are we finally starting to click.

-So yes, we went to Sonny Digital’s personal studio. We made a song that’s coming out soon. It’s fire. Yadda yadda yadda, now for the important details: The first thing you see when you walk in is Pop-A-Shot. And not the cheap bullshit ones with the nylon ramp that are made to be put in a 9-year-old’s bedroom. The REAL DEAL Pop-A-Shot. Everything wasn’t set up yet so I did not have a chance to set a high score that will never be broken. Next time.

-I sat my jacket behind a chair and almost knocked over Sonny’s platinum plaque from “Rodeo”, the Travis Scott album. What a flex to just have it out there. In fact, some would say Sonny put it that close to the chair so that when someone inevitably knocked it over, he’d have a reason to go to the attic and get another platinum plaque to replace it. Well played, Digital.

Ahh, memories.

-OK, so SnakeGate.

Before I even get to The Ivy, my phone is blowing up with texts and tweet notifications about this Dana Bahrawy business (Fun fact: I’m lying. I got one text and it was Devlin. My tweet notifications have been off since Obama’s first term). So like I said, my phone is blowing up with the news that Dana is done with Mickstape.

Was I shocked by this news? No. Now was I SADDENED by this news? Also no. I can hardly keep up with how many crews he’s abandoned us for. First, it was Pardon My Take. Then he’s a hockey guy with Spittin’ Chiclets. Now he’s the newest member to Team Portnoy. There are many houses in the Seven Kingdoms. There is more than enough room for all of us.

However, there is no room anywhere for a snake.

Dana Greyjoy has made his bed and now he must lay in it. I’ve been a father to Dana for many years, his words not mine. I’ve bestowed decades of knowledge upon him, not because it’s what I had to do but it’s because it’s what I wanted to do. It’s what a good father does. Do you know what else a good father does? He gives his children the freedom to make their own decisions. I’ve long wanted Dana to make a stand or have a backbone about anything. Literally anything. With that, I cannot be upset that this is the stand he has chosen to take. I respect his defection to Team Portnoy. I wish him the best in this venture and his upcoming stints as a Foreplay fellow, Laces Out lad and Lights Camera Barstool bro.

Until tomorrow.