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This New Derrick Rose Documentary Looks AWESOME

Oh let’s go! I’ve seen some good trailers in my day but this one here has me busting at the seams with excitement. I love a good basketball behind the scenes documentary, and I can’t think of a more polarizing topic than Derrick Rose. I’m not even a Bulls fan and I cannot wait for this to come out. When you really think about it, Derrick Rose’s story just on the basketball court is already crazy enough, adding in all the context surrounding what we as fans were able to witness is awesome. Just from this trailer you know Rose is going to be brutally honest and give us insight into situations we had no idea even existed. That alone should perk your interests.

When you consider a player’s rise and fall, I’m not sure we’ve seen something quite like Derrick Rose. There have been good players who suffered injuries and had their careers fall off sure, but Rose is different. This was an MVP caliber player who legit looked unstoppable and a player that would dominate the NBA for decades. Then suddenly he was essentially treated as though he became absolute garbage once he got back, only to now be a player who is legit in the All Star discussion. The one thing I’ll always remember about Rose was that playoff series the Bulls had against the Celtics back in 2009. There have only been a few players in my life that I’ve feared, and that version of Derrick Rose was one of them. We hadn’t really seen a player quite like him, and it was one of those situations where every time he touched the ball I had no faith that the Celts would be able to stop him. I felt like he scored every single time he touched it. The only other time that’s happened for me was LeBron’s Game 6 at the Garden in 2012. That first round series against Rose in 2009 was one of the most stressful 7 games I’ve ever watched, he averaged 19.7/6.4/6.4 and shot 49% but it felt like so much more. He did whatever he wanted and would go on to win the MVP a few seasons later.

So everyone make sure mark your calendars for April 11th, even if you aren’t a Bulls fan. This documentary is going to be must watch stuff if you’re a basketball fan in general I guarantee you that. And now, because I care about you, let’s relive some of his best moments together