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Marty Mush Tuesday Gambling Slate

YTD is 38-42-1 and I have told myself I need to slow it down so I can make it to the Super Bowl. This is the best week can’t have any slip ups. 2-0 start yesterday has me feeling good.


Kansas @ Texas -1

Let me put it this way. I got in trouble for gloating around the office about Nevada day and I learned a lesson. Doesn’t mean I got smarter because today is the Kansas birthday. It is Kansas day baby and look Kansas is fucking good. They lost a tough one to Kentucky and Texas has been so bad lately I can’t stand betting on them anymore. The stars are aligned for this game and the spread scares me but how can you not take the Jayhawks here.

Pick Kansas ML 

Tenn -8.5 @ South Carolina

Listen, Tennessee now has the #1 seed on their back and South Carolina is scrappy as fuck. Student sections obviously love these games so they can storm the court but I want to see if they can handle the pressure. South Carolina plays very well at home, they beat a tough Auburn team and a Mississippi State team at home. There are just some teams who play to their competition and this is one of them. I don’t think they win but I think they keep it close.

I am staying true to myself and sticking with these two games. The Tennessee game is early so I will dabble with the later games. Lets have another 2-0 night and keep it rolling.