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Watching This Pelicans Fan React To The Anthony Davis News Is Just Downright Depressing

Despite being someone who was thrilled to hear that Anthony Davis wanted out of New Orleans, I can’t help but feel for Pelicans fans. They’ve been dealing with AD rumors for years, finally had some success once Boogie came along and it looked like maybe that was a pairing that would keep Davis in New Orleans for his entire career. But then Boogie went down, they got destroyed by the Warriors in a quick 5 games and then this year they certainly did not live up to expectations. Now their fan’s biggest fear has become a reality, AD demanded a trade and the Brow Era is officially over. Now normally when this happens, when a franchise guy turns his back on the only team he’s ever known, fans can get a little irrational. You would think that after making it clear he thinks their team stinks and he wants to get the hell out of there that they would be a little angry with him and act accordingly by making jackasses of themselves on the internet. Maybe feel a little betrayed. I was looking forward to all the burning jersey videos we were going to get with that badass Bayou accent, but I’m not so sure that’s going to happen.

Take Jim’s video here. This poor bastard, my heart really breaks for him. That is a face of a man that knew this day was coming and couldn’t even muster up an ounce of anger. We’re at the point where Pelicans are being rational about this whole thing, and as someone that works on the internet I find that to be a real shame. It’s not that I want to revel in their misery, I have a heart, I just expected some over the top reactions. The combination of that music and the positive message just has me feeling even worse for Pelicans fans. It’s always a little awkward when the fanbase that just had their best player shit all over them accepts it because deep down they always knew it was coming. I feel like Jim skipped the first four stages of grief and went right to acceptance. Now I almost want Davis to stay in NO even though it would be a bummer for my favorite team.

The one thing I have a question about is where he says “thanks for everything”. What exactly is “everything”? Davis got there in the 2012 season and the Pelicans made the playoffs twice, never getting past the second round. They have a combined record of 240-302 which isn’t all that great. Yeah there were a lot of cool individual moments I suppose, I’m sure it was fun to watch him play as I too wish to be fortunate enough to do that, but the fact that Jim is willing to ignore all that and be thankful for AD’s time in New Orleans just makes me sad for him.

Also, no chance that sharpie unibrow washes off right away, so he’s only adding insult to injury there. I’m sorry Jim, I really am.

Now I can’t have a blog about fan overreactions and jersey burning without running back through the classics. There was the Miami Heat fan torching his Wade jersey after he went to Chicago

Which is definitely hilarious because you know he had to buy another one once Wade came back. Also not the best look to burn a jersey of a guy that won three rings and was the best player in franchise history because Pat Riley thought he was washed up and he went home.

Then there was my fellow Celtics fan burning Ray Allen’s jersey when he went to the Heat.

I mean we were all a little angry at this when it happened, but that’s just a waste. Could have made a Celtics quilt with that or something.

Orlando fans sure didn’t love when Dwight demanded his way out and found his way to LA

How could we forget Kevin Durant? Quickest turn in NBA history of a guy going from franchise hero to absolute villain. Hell people STILL hate Durant for making the decision to come to GS

Jazz fans certainly had themselves in a tizzy they actually almost said the word “bitch”! Like guys, he followed his heart and went to play for his basketball soulmate. I would call that loyalty.

And of course, how could we forget Cavs fans once LeBron left them for the first time

Another case of a situation where all of these Cavs fans had to buy new jerseys and forget this ever happened when he came back and won them a title. Sad news is he burned them again so it was just another waste of money. Poor Cleveland.

I know burning jerseys is childish and stupid, but it’s funny to see people be so stupid on the internet. I thought we were going to get that with Pelicans fans, but now I’m just depressed. That is until AD becomes a Celtic, then I will not care how they feel.