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Netflix Wishes People Would Stop Talking About How Smoking Hot Ted Bundy Was

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So last week Netflix released The Ted Bundy Tapes and since then there has A LOT of talk about how hot Ted Bundy was back when he was snatching up coeds. murdering them and dragging them into the woods. There’s been so much talk about how smoking hot Ted Bundy was that Netflix wants people to stop talking about how smoking hot Ted Bundy was. The only problem is Ted Bundy WAS objectively smoking hot. Yeah he murdered 30+ people and is maybe the most notorious serial killer in American history blah blah blah but there’s no denying that he was easy on the eyes. I wish it wasn’t true but it is. I mean one of the main themes in the documentary is people back then had the mindset that a guy as good looking as Ted Bundy couldn’t possibly commit such horrendous crimes.

It also doesn’t help that this guy is playing Ted Bundy in an upcoming movie

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A person doesn’t get portrayed by Zacv Efron if they were ugly. Like if they made a Barstool movie (and by some miracle I was in it) Zac Efron is not getting that call. Bundy was good looking enough that the producers felt the need to get one of the best looking people in Hollywood to portray him. Ted Bundy was hot.

There’s been some talk around the office that the Netflix documentary isn’t good but I watched it over the weekend and was absolutely fascinated by it. To be fair, I knew next to nothing about Ted Bundy going into it so everything in the documentary was new information to me. For instance, I had no idea Bundy escaped jail TWICE and that, for the first escape where he jumped out of a 2nd story window, he repeatedly jumped off the bunk bed in his cell to prepare his legs for the impact. I literally had to rewind that part to make sure I heard it correctly. That’s the type of devious monster they were dealing with.

THEN, for his second escape from jail, Bundy purposely starved himself for weeks so he could fit through the tiny vent above his cell. And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of crazy shit Bundy did during his time in the limelight during the late 1970s/early 80s. I highly recommend checking it out if you don’t know anything about Bundy.

But yeah, Ted Bundy was a smokeshow. That’s just the way it is.