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Tyler Herro, A White Kid That Can Shoot, Says Don't Call Him Just A White Kid That Can Shoot

Let me channel my inner Terrell Owens for a second. That’s my shooting guard, man. That’s my shooting guard.

I love this.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard a player say something along these lines this year. Zion talk about hating being labeled just a dunker. That’s fair. Zion is obviously more than that. Tyler Herro, who is a white kid that can shoot, wants to be known as more than a white kid that can shoot, which similar to Zion, he can do.

So ipso facto, Tyler Herro and Zion Williamson are the same.

Herro is right though. He did start this season somewhat unfairly judged as just this 3-point shooter. That was never the go-to part of his game. He’s always been someone much better at attacking off the bounce to get into the lane and use the midrange to his advantage. Don’t get me wrong, he can shoot. But, that wasn’t his forte in the circuit in high school.

Herro has a pretty complete game and has turned into a vital piece during Kentucky’s resurgence. He’s a strong rebounder from the wing spot and when he doesn’t gamble defensively he’s pretty good there. When he is shooting well the lane opens up for everyone else. But, he uses that to his advantage. One play that sticks out against Kansas was his ability to get into the lane and then use a drop off pass to Washington on the baseline for a dunk.

Or just look at his game against Louisville back in December:

Just don’t call him a white kid that can shoot.