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Stop Bitching About Trae Young Saying He'll Have A Better Career Than Luka And Enjoy Their Own Games

“In my eyes, it’s not a question. It’s gonna be me, but that’s just the competitive nature in my blood. I think that’s a no-brainer with me if you ask me that.”

So last night I saw this starting to float around. Young and John Collins were making some rounds and hopped on The Jump. Naturally, because of the draft night trade, Young was asked about him and Luka. More specifically he was asked who would have a better career.

What the hell is he supposed to answer?

Yes, Luka is having a historic year no one is going to argue about that. But, again. What do you want Trae’s response to be? ‘Nah, I think Luka will be better. Yeah, I’m just going to be 2nd best in the class.’ Fuck that.

Listen, I get how sports work and things like this. There’s always going to be an argument about who won the trade. It’s going to be debated forever. But, here’s one thing to remember. The Hawks were going for fit here too. The front office came over from Golden State and there was a reason they went with Trae, Huerter and Spellman in the 1st round.

The point is, it’s dumb to ask them questions like this and not expect the answer to piss off the other side. It’s also pointless to start screaming about careers during the rookie year. Remember, there was a time that Michael Carter-Williams looked like he was going to have a better career than Oladipo and Otto Porter. Players develop.

Let’s argue about this in a few years.