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Seeing Victor Oladipo So Positive After His Surgery Was Pretty Awesome

First off, loved how he introduced himself to start this video. Uhhh yeah man we all know who you are. For some reason that made me laugh, but in all seriousness it’s pretty awesome to see Oladipo so positive immediately after a season ending surgery. You see how confident he said he’d be back better than ever? I don’t doubt that shit for a second. Then that last part to his teammates? If you’re a Pacer and this doesn’t make you run through a wall you deserve to be cut immediately. The timing of this tweet came out while the Pacers are actually playing the Warriors so if Nate McMillan was smart he would play this for them at halftime so they can be ready for that classic Warriors third quarter run.

Speaking of the Warriors, they paid their own tribute to Oladipo earlier during shootaround which was cool to see as well

You want to hate the Warriors sure but this was a classy move and basically how everyone around the league feels about Oladipo. Widely considered one of the best guys in the entire league it sucked to see him go down like he did. He’s comeback before and been an All Star level player, so if it’s me and I see that determination in his eye during that video, no chance I bet against him to come back stronger than ever.