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It Needs To Be Noted Eagles LB Bryan Braman's Genetics Include A Grandfather That Was A 7'4, 365 Pound Behemoth


PhillyMag – Bryan Braman was born to be a professional athlete. His maternal grandfather, Ivan Cecil Braman, stood at 7-4 and weighed 365 pounds. His mother, Tina Braman-Fields, was an elite sprinter in high school in which she was part of a four-girl state champion track team and held the 100 meters school record. That’s why it’s no surprise Braman is a 6-5, 241-pound “athletic freak” as described by many of his teammates. When he was in high school, his track and field coaches expected him to be an Olympian before he chose to pursue football. On the gridiron, he routinely ran around offensive linemen untouched to tackle ball-carriers in the backfield.

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A great read for any Eagles die hard about Bryan Braman’s hard fought journey to the Philadelphia Eagles. It talks about his hard life growing up without a father and the one time he ran 70 yards to paydirt solely because the defenders were too scared to tackle his freak body going full speed. That’s all well and good. But his genetics are the stuff of legend. How isn’t Braman standing 7 foot tall and consuming the NFL with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse? I mean, talk about being pumped out of the right gene pool. Have to love getting a player with some Andre The Giant blood running through his veins.

Regardless, Braman is our fucking kind of guy. Hearts over smarts, as evident of no helmet being no problem on the kickoff team in Houston:

I don’t care if he’s not going to play a snap outside of Special Teams, the man will be a cult hero in this city before he’s confined to a wheelchair. With that attitude combined with the hair, this is possibly the closest thing to Lattimer we’re going to get in this city, and I love it. God help everyone if he makes his way off the Punt Return team and gets a place at the table on the starting defense.