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You Want To See What It's Like Riding A Bike At Full Speed Into An Oncoming Car?

YouTube - This shocking footage shows the moment a cyclist was thrown 10-ft in the air by a hit-and-run driver, and miraculously survived with only minor injuries. Cyclist Patrick Knetemann, 34, was hit head-on by the unknown driver – believed to be using false plates – who veered onto the opposite side of the road, catapulting him onto the car’s bonnet and over the roof. The shattered windscreen and flailing limbs of Patrick can be seen in the harrowing film which was recorded at the end of last month on the outskirts of London. The bullet cam, which was attached to the handle bars of Patrick’s road bike, spins wildly in the air before coming to rest beneath the rear wheels of the Black Volkswagen.

Because it’s scary as shit. Normally I would side with the motorists in any situation. If you’re on a bicycle not in a bike lane there’s a decent chance you’re an asshole who thinks the road is your oyster. But not here. Accident? That my friend was no accident. That was an assassination attempt. On the plus side that’s one tough camera to be launched 10 feet in the air and not shatter on impact. If only his bike and skull were made out of the same material.