A Singer Named Kelsy Karter Got A Massive Tattoo Of Harry Styles Directly On Her Face

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Metro- When your favourite singer has a birthday, you might send him chocolates. Or flowers. Or something. Not if you’re Kelsy Karter. Nope, she didn’t want to do something as basic as send him sweets, and instead the singer, who has made no secret of her love for Harry Styles, decided to get his face tattooed on her face. And it’s not a henna tattoo. It’s not a sticker: it’s very, very permanent. The inking was done by Los Angeles- based tattoos artist Romeo Lacoste, who’s big with YouTubers (the Dolan Twins got their tats done there).

Nope, not nearly famous enough to get a face tattoo. I asked Ria and Fran if they recognized the name Kelsy Karter because I’m not as hip and with it as I used to be but even they have no idea who Kelsy Karter is either. Not a clue. The rule is that, in order to get a face tattoo, you have to already be famous. I looked her up and she has 46,000 followers on Instagram and just over 9,000 followers on Twitter. You’re gonna want those numbers to be higher before you get a face tattoo. Not to brag but I have more total followers than her and I’m about 5 million followers away from getting a face tattoo. If I ever get 5 million followers on Twitter I will get a face tattoo.

Think about all the people who have face tattoos. Mike Tyson was already super famous when he got a tattoo on his face. Lil Wayne was already super famous when he got face tattoos. Post Malone was already famous. Even the white SoundCloud rappers had a little bit of notoriety before they had injected ink into their cheeks. You can’t just get a face tattoo in hopes of becoming famous one day. It has to have already happened otherwise you look like a goddamn idiot.

Put it this way, the most notable thing about you can’t be the tattoo on your face which is precisely the position Kelsy Karter finds herself in. Nobody knew her or any of her music until she got a REALLY bad Harry Styles face tattoo. Just an awful tattoo. That tattoo would suck regardless of where it was on her body. I do wanna say that I’m rooting for this girl to become super duper famous. Prove me wrong. Use it as a motivator. Make that face tattoo worth it.