American Gladiators Is Coming Back, Baby!


TVGUIDE – In reality TV, popular formats never really die — think the frequently revived Candid Camera — they just go into hibernation. Next to awaken is American Gladiators. Executive producer Arthur Smith (Hell’s Kitchen), who has turned the competition series American Ninja Warrior into a summer smash for NBC, is giving the 1990s syndicated hit (briefly brought back in 2008 by NBC) a modern makeover. “It’s a little darker, more intense, more serious,” says Smith, who’s producing the show through his A. Smith & Co. banner with MGM. “It’s a little less red, white and blue. And there’s no spandex. Spandex has left the building.” American Gladiators originally aired from 1989 to 1996 and featured amateur men and women as they competed against each other as well as the show’s “Gladiators,” who had names like “Nitro,” “Laser,” “Zap” and “Ice.” The show spawned several international adaptations.

All the sauced pigs that dominated TV are back with a vengeance. The test for a supreme athlete during the late 80’s thru mid-90’s wasn’t dominating professional sports, it was seeing if you can survive jousting a 6’5 meatstick named Nitro. Anyone who could survive hanging from the rings with someone who has more horse testosterone running through their veins than Smarty Jones was considered a God amongst men. Absolutely love that they’re bringing it back for the 400th time. But no spandex? Borderline blasphemy. If there are no mullets or steroids you might as well not even bring back the show.

The “women” on the show were a sight to see. How much grip strength does it take to break a dick in two? Ask Siren.


Also, any kid growing up would’ve been the tits of the town if they owned the tennis ball howitzer from Under The Gun. And by kid growing up I mean grown adult now.