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Report: Bret & Jen Bielema are About to Become the Patriots' New Assistant Coaching Power Couple

Ben VolinA report from NFL Network this past week stated that Greg Schiano is set to take a top defensive coaching position with the Patriots, but I’m not 100 percent certain that he would be the defensive coordinator. Per a league source, Bret Bielema, who joined the Patriots’ staff this season as a “consultant to the head coach,” has been telling people that he is going to become the Patriots’ defensive coordinator.

Did Belichick do it again or did Belichick do it again? This is how you provide long term stability and maintain a dynasty.

You know how during every presidential inaugural all the pundits love to gush about how the orderly transition of power is the hallmark of our democracy? (Except for the last one, anyway.) Well this is how you pull off the transition of power in a non-democratic, authoritarian dictatorship. The absolute ruler needs to trust his lieutenants absolutely. Which means he needs like-minded men he can delegate to. In Belichick’s case, that means finding coaches who are winners, on and off the field. Which Bret Bielema obviously is.

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Belichick is a ladies man who has built an entire organizational flow chart of other ladies men. In order to be a champion, you have to live like a champion. And that includes the bedroom. In order to lead men, they have to respect you. I mean, you can’t expect a guy like Kyle Van Noy:

… to follow the orders of a coordinator who married some dumpy hausfrau. The theory goes that if Bret Bielema can convince a dime like Jen to make babies with him, then convincing a meeting room full of testosterone-fueled rage monsters to execute a TEX rush out of Cover-1 Robber should be child’s play.

It’s still not official and like Ben Volin said, Greg Schiano is still supposedly in the mix in some capacity. But the early returns are in on Bielema as the new defensive coordinator. And officially endorse his – and Jen’s – candidacy.