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A Group Of Fans In The Nosebleeds Getting LeBron's Attention Is A Truly Impressive Accomplishment

What a moment! Love or hate LeBron, that group of friends will remember that moment forever. The “hey remember that time we got LeBron to acknowledge us when we were sitting in section 913″ moment will forever be a staple in their group text. Really incredible vision by LBJ to spot them. I mean he doesn’t have much else to do but scan the crowd for drunk fans screaming his name because he’s still hurt but whatever. Still a cool thing to do. Anybody who has ever been in a stadium/arena knows just how unlikely it was for LeBron to spot them allllllllllllllll the way up there. Not only does everyone on the court look like an ant but it feels like you’re on a different planet completely when you’re up that high up. So I’d have to imagine that fans up that high have to look like ants to the players on the court. Outstanding.