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Brady Puts the Chances That This is Brady's Last Game at '0 %'

I’ve gotten this question five times a day every day. Not just this week but all year. Last year. And probably every day of every year since Bernard Pollard was responsible for The ACL Tear Heard ‘Round the World 10 years ago last September. “Is this Tom Brady’s last year” is the most commonly asked question in New England, ahead of even “Do you see a Dunkins?” and “What the fuck is your problem?”

And here’s your answer. The same answer I gave five times yesterday and every day for over a decade. Simple. Straightforward. Unambiguous. With absolute certainty:

This year more than any there’s been a school of thought that he’s getting tons of pressure at home to retire. Especially if the best should happen next week and he gets the chance to go out on top. But if you been working on your degree at that school, you should transfer because he could not have been more definite about his intentions. Not that it will end the speculation. There is no doubt in my mind the Boston columnists and talk show guys will all claim they hear something in his voice that has them convinced he’s seriously considering it. But that’s trolling for clicks and ratings. And when Brady reports to camp as always, I will not let anyone forget how wrong they were, that I can promise you.

I listened to a science podcast just the other day about numbers (my life is a non-stop, high-octane adrenaline rush) where they said that without zero, math as we know it could not exist. And the ancient Egyptians were the first to use a symbol to represent the concept of zero around 1776 B.C., nfr, meaning “beautiful, pleasant or good.” Well in the 3,200 years since, it’s never been used in a more beautiful, pleasant or good way than Brady making it totally clear he’ll be back in 2019.

Unless you’re part of one of the other 31 franchises that have been counting down the days until he hangs it up. Then this is nightmare fuel for you. Tell me again why the Pats should’ve kept Jimmy Garoppolo?