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Bradley Cooper Joined Lady Gaga For A Surprise Performance In Las Vegas And People Cream Pied Each Other In The Audience

This was so incredible and completely unplanned so I wont even mention that Bradley was off key a touch. He had no idea he would sing! Lady Gaga was flawless despite refusing to wear a dress made of only meat which was a little disappointing.


That being said, if you havent turned the speakers in your 2004 F250 Diesel Super Crew Lariat all the way until they are screaming to sing this song at the top of your lungs while you’re driving to your local feed store to pick up locally sourced dog food, I submit to you and only you, that you havent lived in 2019. Turn it up. Sing it. Enjoy it. Creampie someone today. Good work, everyone. IM OFF THE DEEP END! In the SHALALALOW! FAR FROM THE SHALLLOOOWWW NOW.