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Inject This Rick Hahn Speech Into My VEINS

From the big man’s mouth to your ears:

If, for whatever reason we wind up not converting, I will certainly be disappointed. I will personally be disappointed

I DARE you to watch that minute long clip and tell me “Machado isn’t go to the White Sox!!!”  And I’m not talking about the words that came out of his mouth, though every last one of them were fucking heartfelt and awesome.  I’m talking about the tone and conviction he spoke with.  Quiet frankly, he sounds fucking pissed and I fucking love it.

This offseason sucks because of how badly it’s dragged, but I promise you this – when the Sox land their white whale, nobody will remember that it took forever to sign him when he’s hitting a walk off dinger in August.  That much I can promise you.

Let’s fucking goooooo