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The Backstreet Boys Went On Jimmy Fallon To Perform "Everybody" In Chicken Costumes. My God. WHY???

I can’t unsee this. It’s as if someone just threw sulfuric acid in my eyeballs and undid all the years of Backstreet Boys obsession. My wall-to-wall Tiger Beat posters that probably cost more than I’d care to think about, burned to a crisp. My hours spent learning the proper dance moves to “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” spit upon. The numbers of Christmas presents I didn’t get in place of getting concerts tickets to BSB concerts, countless.

All for what? So that decades later they would be destroyed by a simple scroll through of the internet! Fuck you internet!

And you too Jimmy Fallon! I’ll never forgive you for putting my beloved Backstreet Boys in chicken suits and making they cluck one of the greatest boy band songs of all time. How dare you.