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Attention Haters: Tom Brady Could Technically Be A Three-Time Hall Of Famer

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I wrote earlier this week about how anybody who spent their post-Championship weekend time trying to downplay Tom Brady is a loser. I’ll forever stand by it too. I don’t care if you love or hate the Patriots, TB12, Bill Belichick and the greatest dynasty in sports history.. if you don’t respect Tom Brady’s career – at this point – I’m convinced you are brain dead.

Yes, you have to give credit to Bill Belichick too. Of course. He’s also the GOAT in his respective field. Who should get more credit for the Pats success? It’s the age old question: the chicken or the egg? Even if you give Belichick more of the credit, Brady is still not only successful because of the system (what a tired argument that is, by the way). He IS the system. That’s why this whole thing works so well in New England. BB and TB12 have built this dynasty together along with all the important pieces along the way.

But somehow, some way there are still doubters out there. As I was scrolling through Twitter today, I saw a stat that I felt like I should share with the world.

Anybody actually need more proof that he’s the greatest of all time??

It’s not like that information is hard to find, just takes a few minutes of research. But when it’s presented as cold hard facts it’s pretty fucking impressive. Pre- and post- injury, Tom Brady would probably be Hall of Fame quarterback. Twice. Let that sink in.

It’s also not abnormal to break down different phases of athletes careers. Coley reminded me that it was most recently done with Kobe Bryant. I mean, they retired both numbers just to acknowledge his greatness in both phases.

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So why not do it with Brady?

Now, let’s take it even further. I was curious what it would look like if you broke it down into the three phases of his career. The most recent phase being when he went into a new season after all that cliff talk (sup, Trent Dilfer) and shit.

2000-2004 seasons:
– 3 Super Bowl wins (3 appearances)
– 3 AFC Championships
– 2 Super Bowl MVPs
– 3 Pro Bowl selections

2005- 2014 seasons:
– 1 Super Bowl win (3 appearances)
– 3 AFC Championships
– 1 Super Bowl MVP
– 2 Regular Season MVPs
– 7 Pro Bowl selections

2015 season – … ’til Kingdom come:
– 1 (??) Super Bowl win (2 appearances. 3 if we count Atlanta)
– 3 AFC Championships
– 1 Super Bowl MVP
– 1 Regular Season MVP
– 4 Pro Bowl selections

By my estimation (shout out Tom E. Curran), that’s basically three HOF worthy careers. It gets lost because of how long he’s been in the league. But when you break it down into phases, it’s pretty insane. Most guys in the GOAT argument only have one HOF caliber career under their belts.

Spot the lie.

Seriously, at this point even if you HATE Tom Brady with all your soul (like Kevin Clancy), you’re a crazy person if you think he’s not the greatest of all time. It’s not even a debate.

And yes, I’ll die on this hill. It has nothing to do with me loving the city of Boston. It has nothing to do with working for Barstool. It has nothing to do with catering to my boss. It has everything to do with me having a brain and recognizing greatness for what it is.

The GOAT is #StillHere. Atlanta, here. we. come.