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LaGuardia Airport Is Closed Due To The Shutdown But No One Should Give A Shit Because Newark Is Better Anyway (Spaghetti Talk)

Look, this isnt comfortable to say this. It’s not the ideal time to be talking about airports. Fact of the matter remains that Newark’s airport is the best airport in the New York area for one reason and one reason alone. The Spaghetti. It is to die for. This isnt some new timely take that I have for you just because LGA is in the news for being closed like a liquor store on Sunday in Texas. I’ve had these thoughts for a while. The proof? Well, here’s the pudding.

I’ve talked about the Newark spaghetti for so long that it’s honestly an insult if you fly to JFK or LGA. Newark is the way to go. So, if your go-to airport LGA is closed, like spaghetti, suck it up. Period.

Anyway, we talk about the government shutdown and how it’s effecting people in the TSA, FAA, air traffic controllers and so much more on this week’s episode of Zero Blog Thirty.

We also talk to machine gunner Hank Goff and he tells us about the time he shot at a chicken (bawk bawk not puss puss) during a fire fight.