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A Trump Appointee Is Trying To Murder Scabby The Protest Rat In Cold Blood


Block Club Chicago – Scabby the Rat could soon be facing extermination.

Scabby is a giant blow-up rat famous for being used by picketing union workers. But Peter Robb, the general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board, has been looking for a way to outlaw Scabby from being used in union demonstrations, according to a Bloomberg report.

Robb, who was nominated for his post by President Donald Trump, “hates the rat,” a board official told Bloomberg.

In a post on Scabby’s Facebook page Tuesday (yes, Scabby has a Facebook page) the rat urged his many fans to fight for him: 

“Scabby was born at Local 150 in November 1989,” the post reads. “We named him, we raised him, and we have defended his rights in federal court before. Across the country, judges have agreed that Scabby the Rat has First Amendment rights, so if the NLRB hopes to take them away, they’ll have to overturn a lot of established law.” 

Oh, boy.

I can only imagine how many times “you hear what this motherfucker’s tryna do” has been said over the morning coffee/cigarettes at the local union yards these past couple days. This Peter Robb guy truly doesn’t know what kind of fight that he’s in for because these guys will protect Scabby the Rat like he’s their own personal pet. To them, the rat is not just some gimmick that they toss up when it’s time to picket a non-union business…he’s a full blown member of the crew.

He’s especially important to the guy who has to keep Scabby in his car. You think somebody would just willingly keep a big ass inflatable rat, 4 cinder blocks, and a bunch of rope in their trunk if they didn’t love it? I mean maybe some pervert would, but that’s besides the point. This guy has kept his car a mess for years to keep Scabby alive. His kids have had to push that fucking thing to the other side of the vehicle to make room whenever they have a friend in the car with them. They’ve had to look this rat in the eyes while they took down their 6 piece McNugget Happy Meal. They’ve grown up with the rat. It shares the same last name as them now.

What I’m getting at is – Scabby is just as much apart of these unions as the workers are, (he’s the only person with multiple union cards in multiple unions across the nation) and if this guy thinks that he’s going to break out his box cutter and murder him then he’s got another fucking thing coming. You’re officially public enemy #1, Peter*.

(*unless if you’re in Chicago’s Local 150 Union…then I suppose it still may be the Buonavolanto brothers)