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Update From Knicksland: David Fizdale Does Not Give A FUCK About Enes Kanter's Whining And Tim Hardaway Is Mad Allonzo Trier Blamed Him For Last Night's Loss

Would you look at that? My beloved Knicks are finally reverting back to the tire fire we all know and love cheer for. I couldn’t even tell you when my last Update From Knicksland blog was because everything’s been so…calm. No emo #StayMe7o tweets to blog about, no players calling our dogshit squad a superteam. Just a group of young guys playing hard and losing their dicks off and giving us very few blogworthy moments.

However, it looks like things are starting to get a little saucy down at Madison Square Garden and I am here for it. Not because I want the Knicks to fail. Well I do want them to keep losing and keep the tank on course for Zion and RJ. But I was kinda getting used to having a fun team that tried hard yet somehow still lost at the end and reverting back to the circus that the Knicks have been for almost the last two decades isn’t going to help land a big, definitely not 7 foot free agent.

But if we are going to have some contention, fuck it I’m ready to roll. Something just feels right when coaches and players are feuding on the Knicks. The newspaper headlines are better, the media talks about them more, and the fat idiot Knicks blogger at Barstool has something to write about. Enes Kanter gave me some stories during his feud with Turkey. But there’s something about blogging about foreign government that could have spies trying to murder people on the low that takes the comedy out of it. However last night, Enes was crying about not playing.

Followed by news coming out that he was sulking away from the team during huddles and Mario fucking Hezonja had to be a leader and ask him to join the huddle.

My thoughts on Kanter are the same as I wrote in last night’s blog. He willingly opted into an $18 million contract with the Knicks knowing that they were probably going to tank. And whether it’s because of his shitty defense, the team wanting to keep his points/rebounds away from a perfectly good tank, or because they just don’t like his attitude, Kanter’s been reduced to the bench and some DNP-CDs. If he didn’t see this possibility coming, he should probably fire his agent. However, it is great to see Coach Fiz clearly not giving a fuck about Kanter’s feelings. Fiz has one job: To win develop the young players on this team and turn a blind eye to the results. He can’t worry about how Kanter, Courtney Lee, or Tim Hardaway Jr. feel when none of them will (hopefully) be with the team for the longterm.

Speaking of Hardaway, I blogged about Allonzo Trier going hard at a fan on Twitter this morning and blaming Hardaway for Eric Gordon getting that open 3.



And just like I said would happen in the blog, Hardaway was not happy to find out he was scapegoated.

I don’t know what it was, but Tim Hardaway Jr. talking about “breaking the rules” because Iso Zo said he didn’t switch made me laugh out loud, as did that reporter trying to break down the entire bunch of nonsense that happened on Twitter. I know THJ is a veteran on this squad, which granted doesn’t mean much considering like half the team is not able to legally drink yet. But I still feel like this is the moment we get some division between the players and really watch the tank pick up steam. Those fun, close games that the Knicks always ended up losing (while winning lottery balls) will be gone and be replaced with the games where the Knicks are down 30 at halftime and there is bad body language everywhere. Again, I’m not thrilled about having to relive those dark days, but I’m ready for them if it means we can lock up a bottom 3 spot in the standings and don’t completely kill the trade value of any vets we can potentially trade. Or, the Knicks get hot the last two weeks of the season like they always do and play themselves out of a Top 5 pick. Yeah, that seems much more likely.

Update To The Knicksland Update: Well that was quick.

Wait, so the Knicks weren’t making those three very expensive veterans without a longterm future with the Knicks available already? Or are we just embracing that the season is going to become a flat out fiasco and we need to get any vet that could ruin the tank or a young player’s psyche shipped out of New York?

Update To The Update To The Knicksland Update: As per request below, here are some Mrs. Fizdale pics. Like I said, it’s been a while since I did one of these blogs, so I’m still knocking off some rust. #PlayazFuckUp