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The Blackhawks "Join Or Die" Movement Is Getting People In Trouble At Work

join or die fired

Absolutely hate to see it. Pussification of America. “Join Or Die” is a political statement? Uhhhhh ya think?

join or die OG

It’s like the FIRST political statement. At least in America. You have a problem with that, you Torey bitch? Hey Susan(I’m sure her name is Susan), do you want to pay taxes from the Stamp Act? Do you want your sweet Georgia tea to be taxed? Do you want the Queen of England all up in your shit all the time? I don’t. Sorry if that offends. Move to Canada. They’re still paying $20M a year to the Crown(legit 20 mil, look it up)

So yes, it’s poltical. I repurposed that shit. It’s mine now. Sorry I couldn’t come up with an original slogan. I’m not Don Draper. Sue me. Join Or Die now means…I don’t even remember if I am being honest. I had to change it midstream. I think it’s about saying fuck you to the haters. Fuck you to the people who said Toews was done, that they should trade Kane to Buffalo, that Joel Quenneville didn’t know how to coach young players and should be fired…. Okay so now it means Fuck Stan Bowman. That’s what it means. We have our guys. The founding fathers of the dynasty. People like Toews, Kane, Crawford, Keith, BarstoolChief, Seabrook, etc. All the major core guys. Then we got a bunch of lying Torries like Stan and John trying fuck our shit up and ruin a good thing. Making moves without even consulting us. Taxation without representation of the hockey ops world.

The main takeaway here is that being a sports fan outside of your market SUCKSSSS. This poor guy has to spend a buunch of money(or illegally stream) games just to have his heart ripped out by his teams. Imagine being this guy walking into work in some fucking place named Snellville, Georgia after the double doink. Every person knows you’re the Chicago fan in the office. Just a parade of slack jaws coming to your office or bumping into in the hallways being like “shoot man, did ya see the kick go off the both of them there field goal posts” in some stupid southern access. Yeah I fucking did, Gerry, thanks for bringing it up again. And then they go to try and relate to you by bringing up Matt Ryan and his playdough face in the Super Bowl loss from a couple of years ago or the Dawgs losing to Bama. Fuck those people. That’s why moving away sucks. If you’re in Chicago at least you know everyone is as miserable as you are. Nobody really wants to talk about it so you don’t have to.