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Steve Wojciechowski Celebrated The Marquette Win By Getting A Neck Massage From DePaul Head Coach Dave Leitao In The Handshake Line

Alright, I need this to be a thing now. I need more awkward things between coaches in the handshake line. We had Tom Crean with an aggressive amount of arm taps to John Calipari:

Now we have Dave Leitao giving Wojo a neck massage? I’m so confused by this move. Mostly because Marquette got the win! I can understand if DePaul got the road upset and Leitao was a bit fired up. But, this? I’m baffled.

He stops him in his tracks too. It’s not like a quick hand on the back, good job, move on. This is a solid 5 squeeze massage. Probably pretty relaxing if you’re Wojo if you ask me. I mean this is how you should be rewarded as the game-winning coach.