Why Would You Clean Off Your Windshield When You Can Just Swiffer The Snow Off While You Drive?

I was catching some heat after Monday’s Chicago Dog Walk when I said that I’m pro a little bit of snow luggage on top of the car. Some people were outraged at my Winter etiquette asking how I could put people’s lives at danger, etc. Then I started getting tagged in this tweet saying that this is what I was promoting to society. People saying I’m a monster, that this lady rides in my crew, yada yada.

Newsflash – this shit isn’t snow luggage. This is straight up driving with a blind fold on. Yeah, you can see a little bit underneath and above the blindfold, but you’re not seeing 90% of what is going on. It’s absurd to have that big of a snowbrush/scraper, and the just completely disrespect it by not using it as it’s intended.

And you wonder why traffic is the way it is. Not because of the icy roads, but because we got people using swiffers while driving.

P.S. – I also fundamentally don’t understand how the snow is legitimately only on her windshield. No where else on the car at all. Did she get smoked by a bridge that had a quick avalanche onto the wind shield only? Baffling stuff.