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Halfway Through The Workday: The True Romance Theme

At blog school yesterday, Dave mentioned how some of the staples at Barstool like Wake Up With and Send Us Into The Weekend were a decade old but also . Since I have very limited brainpower but want to impress the boss, I thought of a new blog #franchise titled Halfway Through The Workday since it’s literally the same as those other two staples except published directly in between them. Pretty much the idea for Halfway Through The Workday is that it’s a 5-hour energy shot to your soul to help get you through the last few hours in the cubes. It can be a funny video, a song, a Magic Eye picture that we all stare at for hours like fucking idiots. I’m not sure. But my blog about James Gandolfini’s son playing Tony Soprano in The Sopranos prequel movie sent me down a Gandolfini rabbit hole, which led to me watching some of his scenes in the criminally underrated True Romance, which then led me to listening to the main theme from the movie over and over because it’s forever fire and thought I should post it on the site for anyone else that wants to get lost in that beautiful melody for a bit. So that’s today’s Halfway Through The Workday. If you have any submissions (pictures/videos/text/whatever) for future #HWTTWD, tweet them @TheClemReport and I’ll put them up unless I forget all about this new #franchise or if KMarko tells me this blog got 10 pageviews and to never do it again. Oh and if you haven’t seen True Romance yet, check it out. It’s a hell of a flick written by Quentin Tarantino and if you don’t like it, you get your money back from reading this blog.

Also if the comment section wants to get involved in this, feel free to contribute with the best/worst/weirdest thing that happened to you so far today. Or not. Do whatever you want I guess. Lets just keep this day moving forward.