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Michael Young and the Texas Rangers Tried To Cheat Against Mariano Rivera But Still Couldn't Touch Him

New York Yankees v Texas Rangers

Honestly, that’s a genius way to tip off a batter and try to get an edge on a pitcher. I’m not even mad, I’m impressed. That’s such a subtle yet brilliant move and it would never ever get caught. It kind of worked as Mo’s career ERA against Texas was 2.23 in 88.2 innings with an opponent’s batting average of .250. I think most relievers would sign up for those numbers any day of the week, but that’s considered amazing success against Rivera. Imagine knowing what pitch is coming and where it’s being thrown and still not being able to crush it? That’s ridiculous.

For now on whenever I hear a metal donut slam to the ground on a broadcast I’m going to think something is up. I wish I knew what other crazy ways baseball players try to “cheat” to know what pitch is coming or what side of the plate is being attacked. I’m woke to everything for now on. If you used to do something in high school to try and “cheat” on a pitcher write it in the comments, I’m curious.