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Baseball Writers Should Be Thrown In Jail

Sports Contributor Archive 2018It’s a sad day for not just baseball but really all of America when Sammy Sosa is only getting 8.5% of the Hall of Fame vote. Take a good look at the scene in 1998:

Let me rewind there to Sammy’s 61st homerun

People are legitimately stampeding in the streets. That’s what Sammy did to baseball across the world. He drove fans insane hitting balls 500+ feet every other game. And everybody loved him for it. Literally EVERYBODY loved this guy. He changed our childhoods show some fucking respect, right?

Wrong. Baseball Writers across America hate his guts and I’ll never understand why.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 8.21.06 AMBilly Wagner was better

I refuse to be just another innocent bystander. 8.5% is a slap in the face to red blooded Americans. I understand he was juiced out of his skull and probably not the best teammate but for fucksake you cannot hide 609 career homeruns. You can’t wipe 1998 from the history books.  All of this happened and all of it was awesome.

Baseball Writers love to argue that the real victims in the steroid era were the kids. How will I explain this to my son Joey? How can I teach him about respect and integrity now?

Idk buddy maybe don’t have kids if you’re gonna be such a sopping wet pussy. You can ask me and literally every single other millenial – the steroids era was fucking AWESOME. That’s how you explain it.

Hispanic coach and young baseball playerGet picked off again and you’re walking home barefoot

There’s a reason Ken Griffey Jr. on N64 fucked so hard and it’s because of steroids. Time to wake up and defend our childhood. FREE SAMMY

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