Devin Booker Was Ready To Murder Gorgui Dieng

Let me say this loud and clear: Devin Booker is too pretty to be able to fight. This is a guy who had every chick at Kentucky lining up to kiss his car throughout his entire six month stay in Lexington. There’s no way someone can be that good at basketball, that much of a sexual icon, AND can throw hands. There’s just no way.

Gorgui Dieng is from Kébémer Department, Senegal. According to Wikipedia his name roughly translates to “the old one” which I can only assume means he’s possessed old man strength since he was a young lad. He’s also about a foot taller than Book. There is no realm in which Book could possibly win this fight. Nor should he ever even want to find out about what would potentially even happen in this scrap.

But the real story here is Josh Jackson. Jackson grew up in Detroit. Booker is the franchise player and, while Jackson was a high lottery pick in his own right, Josh needs to step up here and engage in fisticuffs on the behalf of Booker for a multitude of reasons. The first being that Booker legitimately needs a tag team partner in this matchup for it to be a remotely fair fight. The latter being… Josh Jackson has kind of been a disappointment during the early stage of his career. You step up as the “I’ll fight anyone who fucks with my teammates” guy and you’re looking at a substantially longer career no matter what your stat sheets say. All I’m saying is it isn’t the worst fall back plan for a guy to have. And establishing that early on can only pay bigger dividends sooner. Deandre Ayton is large enough to take on this role but is certainly not grizzled or bad at basketball enough to be taking on guys named “the old one” just yet.

PS – Hey Gorgui, where was this moxie while Jimmy Butler was tearing apart the entire Wolves locker room? Pick on someone you know can fight one time.