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Wake Up With Unanimous First Ballot Hall Of Famer, Mariano Rivera Getting Pulled Off The Mound For The Final Time By Some Old Friends
It's only right to celebrate Mariano Rivera getting named to the Hall Of Fame yesterday with his last appearance ever. No better way for the Sandman to go out than with his two buddies making the call. Joe Girardi did the right thing and sent longtime teammates, Derek Jeter and Andy Pettite to the mound and allowed them to make the call to take Mo off the mound in his last game.
Instant waterworks from Rivera as Pettite and Jeter made their way to the mound, as to be expected. Those guys played a long time together, won an insane amount of games, won rings, and they saw it all. They're three of the best guys to put the pinstripes on, so it was only right Jeets and Andy were out there with Mo. A real nice moment, not just for Rivera, but for all three of them.
You heard the announcers say that Rivera saved more of Pettite's games than anyone else, a neat bond they will always have. The numbers on Rivera are just stupid. The failed starter who has arguably the most dominating single pitch of all time turned into the unanimous choice for best closer ever. I don't think we see anyone come close to the numbers Rivera put up, and no one will take that crown from him. 652 saves is a preposterous number. Craig Kimberl is the closest active player with 333, 319 short of Rivera. He doesn't sniff that number, and no one ever will.
As a guy who has a hard time complementing the Yankees, this was done the right way, a really neat scene. Congrats to Mo for being a unanimous choice and the rest of the class going into Cooperstown.