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Meek Mill and The Game Have New Music Coming That's Gonna Make Me Want To Punch Someone in the Nose

LETS GOOOOOOO! As much as I love seeing a good ol fashioned rap beef where merciless bars are exchanged, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. That light is more music. It seems almost like a ritual now. You have crazy static between two rappers. They spit bars at each other talking crazy shit. It settles down. Then they become friends and make new music together. (CC: Drake and Meek Mill)

In case you were living under a rock while all this smoke was flying around, Meek came at The Game with Beanie Sigel and his boy Omelly

Then The Game came thru with this absolute heater of a diss and even the rat skit at the beginning to go along with it. I miss the old skits rappers used to have on their albums I loved that shit.

Definitely gave the edge to The Game on that one. But in Meeks defense I don’t think theres anyone I would want smoke with less in the rap game than The Game. He’ll kill you with bars and he’s built like a brick shithouse. No one wants to throw hands with that man. Meek Mill was catching smoke from everyone there for a lil bit. Drake, 50 Cent, The Game. Thats a murderers row of people you don’t want to fuck with and all for different reasons.

If you remember the last time The Game and Meek Mill collabed it was an absolute smash with “Scared Now”. They both have the angry, energetic flow that makes me get hyped as fuck but also want to mush someone in the face for no reason. I can’t wait to see what these two cooked up in the studio. Keep in mind these two men have made some all time CLASSICS. Meek Mill made the best intro all time (Dreams and Nightmares) and had the entire city of Philadelphia celebrating to it on repeat when the Eagles won the Super Bowl, combined with the guy who made the song (Red Nation) that Robert O’Neill was listening to before he shot Bin Laden! Unreal.