Big Ev Is A Moron For Thinking A Sportsbook Giving Losing Bettors Money Back Isn't Soft

In case you missed Big Ev  here it is.

Listen a real gambler has been through the trenches and the worst of the worst calls. My name is fucking Mush you don’t think I know a thing or two about a bad call? This is like giving a trophy to the kid on your little league team who eats the sand but still gets a trophy even though he sucks.

This is literally what makes gambling great, getting reactions from degenerates who are on both sides of things. If a sports book tried to give me my money back I would refuse it because one I have integrity and know that I put that bet in. I am not sure if you have heard about gambling gods but they will come back and get you for this bullshit. This isn’t a nice act by the book it is obviously just about their own PR and fuck that. This is a business where it is hard to win and nobody should be giving handouts. I couldn’t imagine being this soft about gambling. This is a man’s sport and it infuriates me to see a fellow blogger acting like a child about it. The book is giving bonus money back which anyone who gambles knows that is a bunch of bullshit. You can’t even take that money out so it is useless.

Degenerates are a different breed and we are definitely not looking for handouts. The only handouts we like are when the bookie lets you have a payment plan and not take out your knees. You’d think our new rapping blogger (Big Ev) would understand this, but just in case he doesn’t, here is a lyric he could use:

“I got a problem with the handouts, I took the man route”