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Parents And Police Say That Letting Your 11 Year-Old Drive Herself To School Is Bad

round lake mug shot

(source)–An arrest warrant has been issued for a man who allegedly allowed an 11-year-old relative to drive herself to school in Round Lake Park. A warrant for two counts of child endangerment and driving while suspended was issued for Khafilu M. Oshodi, 31, of Round Lake, according to Round Lake Park Police Chief George Filenko. Filenko said that according to officials of John J. Murphy Elementary School in Round Lake Park, employees witnessed the 11-year-old girl drive up to the school’s drop-off point on Jan. 9, and exit the vehicle along with a 9-year-old girl who had been in the back seat. Witnesses said Oshodi then moved into the driver’s seat and drove away, according to Filenko. Although the two charges listed in the warrant are misdemeanors, Filenko said Monday morning the situation had the potential to be very dangerous and could have “resulted in any number of tragic scenarios. “It’s a circle drive drop-off and there were many staff, parents and students in the area,” Filenko said. “Drop-off and pickup are the busiest times of the school day. If the child loses control, we’ve got disastrous results.”

Look, I don’t have kids. I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent. That’s not going to stop me from commenting on this because you know what…I like this Dad. We live in an age of pussy punk millenial kids and their helicopter parents protecting them from every little thing. A trophy for wiping your own ass. Not this guy. I bet his daughter missed the bus. Guess what…Sarah…Dad is too hung over/still drunk to drive. That’s going to happen sometimes. Instead of letting her stay home or risk the lives of his children by driving drunk he taught her to be self-sufficient…still with proper supervision. And you’re going to arrest him on hearsay from some volunteer cross-walk mom? I don’t think so. You raise your kids, let this guy raise his.

PS: Driving a car before you had your license was one of the most exhilirating things you could do as a kid. I was largely a pussy and a good kid, but my mom would drive both of my sisters to dance or piano or some fucking college application boosting bullshit after school activity and I would take that time to grab the keys to the other car and drive to Dairy Queen. SUCH a rush. It was only a mile or so away but I felt like I was in the Fast and Furious series. I was the baddest 5’2 140 dough boy stuffing his face once per week while his family was gone for an hour.