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Liam Payne Continues To Be A Cougar Chaser

This couldn’t be more on brand for Liam Payne, one fifth of One Direction. The man loves, LOVE older women. It’s also very on brand for me to be on top of all things One Direction members because shocking, I also was a big 1D fan. Teenybopper Fran going strong. Liam always had the “mature” role in the boy band, looking after all his band mates. He has tried to carry that over into his solo career which is just…eh

I think most people would assume Harry Styles would be all about the cougars but really that’s all Liam. He seems to have always had a thing for older ladies, he dated Cheryl Cole for some time and they have a child together. That wasn’t as big of a deal because Cheryl was just ten years older than Liam. She’s 25 and he’s 25. She was a judge on X Factor when Liam was auditioning though (she was still married at the time)

It seems Liam is now shooting for the stars! One of the biggest and most well known super models on the planet. Naomi Campbell who just so happens to be 48 years old. Honestly the comments made me a little uncomfortable. Lots of emojis, lots of flirting. I guess the heart wants what the heart wants and Liam hs his yes set on the one and only Naomi. Not that she needs any kind of confidence boost, the woman is still absolutely gorgeous, it still must feel good to have a young, hot guy pining over you. Naomi is ageless.