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If Andre 3000 Doesn't Make A Surprise Appearance At The Super Bowl Then What's It Even All About?

So now we finally have our Super Bow, the Pats vs Rams. Very exciting stuff and should be a great game. In fact, the entire week should be exciting with Barstool once again taking over the Super Bowl city and showing why we do it better than everyone else. Add in a little Rough N Rowdy with Marty Mush vs Matt Brown and you have a hell of a week on your hands.

But then once the game starts on Sunday, everyone will be waiting for one thing and one thing only- Will there be an Outkast reunion during the halftime show???

It happens every time there is a solo act during the Super Bowl halftime show- Beyonce reunited with Destiny’s Child, but on the other hand NSYNC didn’t reunite when JT was the performer. Which leads us to this year, where Big Boi is tapped to perform alongside Maroon 5 and Travis Scott. While Big Boi is from Atlanta and one of the godfathers of the ATL rap scene, everyone wants to see Outkast together, not just Big Boi. Imagine if the music pauses, and then all of a sudden you hear ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. Everyone on stage with Andre 3000 doing Hey Ya and Roses? Atlanta would burn to the ground.

There’s no bigger stage in the world than the Super Bowl halftime show. There’s no bigger name in Atlanta music than Outkast. And while we’re on the subject, get Ludacris on the stage too. I don’t mind me some Maroon 5, but if you don’t want to hear Roll Out performed for 5 billion people you’re outside of your mind.

So let’s hope it happens. We need it to happen. Outkast reunion, Super Bowl, Atlanta. That’s what it’s all about.

Oh and PS: A billion infinity % chance we get a kneel down right? Someone is going to kneel for Kaep on that stage. Let’s hope nobody makes that into a big deal, we need Tommy Laren to accept it’s going to happen right now and get all the angries out of the way.