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Tony Romo Was A Wizard Last Night Unless You're A Chiefs Fan

Romo was great last night. The clips in the tweet above are getting lots of praise and for good reason. There’s so much more than he was doing though. When he would call out formations that the Patriots or Chiefs haven’t used in the playoffs, it blows my mind. “Ohhhh, Jim. Here’s a little wrinkle we haven’t seen. Tight Ends bunched off the line. Look for a little misdirection here inside.”

“Burkhead takes the ball inside.”

I dont have a very good memory so it’s baffling to me that someone can remember things like that. At one point, Romo said something like, “Oh. Look at this formation here. Equal set split backs in the backfield with a Tight End out wide. I dont think I’ve seen this formation in ten years.”

Having someone who is a football nerd but also really excited about the game like Romo, made last night better.

Can you imagine if it was that wet blanket Phil Simms?

Last night was the perfect example of why football is king. The high drama, the penalties, the dramatic reviews where even the fans are split for minutes at a time, big catch after big catch, the best quarterback of all time throwing a pick and then getting bailed out on an offsides penalty, Andy Reid losing, Gronk looking a little like old Gronk, and a playoff overtime drive for the ages to finish it out while the most gifted quarterback of all time sits on the bench with his enormous coat on.

What a game and it was all made better because Romo was in the booth. Well, unless you’re a Chiefs fan. If you are, knowing what’s coming and not being able to stop it would be the worst.

Yesterday was the best Championship Sunday in years. Cant wait until next year when my Jaguars are back in it.

Also, these breakdowns are so good.