These Third Down Throws In Overtime Were Absolute Pornography

I didn’t get all three throws because it was all happening so quickly and I think my heart was bleeding but the first conversion was legitimately the same play as the second one they just put Edelman on the opposite side of the field. Well they flipped the whole play but you know what I mean. The game just ended and my brain doesn’t work because I can’t believe what I just saw. Brady just marched down the field, got to third down and blacked out every time. Gronk turned back the clock and became vintage Gronk, posterizing people all over the field when they needed it most. Edelman looked like he might’ve had money on the Chiefs during points of the second half and then snapped back to his old self once he was properly concussed. Everyone knows Edelman doesn’t go full Edelman til he suffers a massive head trauma.

But Tom. Fucking Tom. Every time he needed to make a throw in the fourth quarter and overtime he delivered. No torn MCL. No anything. Just a guy who has played in the Super Bowl one out of every two seasons since he became a starting QB. Now he gets to go back to the Super Bowl to play the team he beat back in 2002 where it all started. If that’s not poetry I don’t know what is.