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JR Smith Is On His Couch Calling Marcus Smart A Bum

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Two

Thankfully the Celtics didn’t shit the bed and pulled out the road win on a back to back after trailing by 16 points. Yeah it was the Hawks so that’s not the best look, but we’ll get into the details of the game tomorrow. In the meantime, let’s revisit one of the plays that sparked this comeback, and that was Marcus Smart ready to risk it all to fight DeAndre Bembry.

Obviously already having one tech I’m going to need Smart to be better moving forward, but the facts are Dembry doesn’t want that smoke. I want to know what he said to get Marcus so worked up, had to be something really personal. People think because Smart flops that he isn’t about that life and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Naturally, this sparked everyone to have an opinion on the internet, including a former dust up opponent JR Smith


I’ll remind you that JR Smith made this comment from his couch. Because it is he who is a bum, so washed not even the pathetic Cavs want him on the roster and he’s had a total of zero calls from anyone else. If you don’t remember their dust up, it was another situation where Smart would have murdered a guy had he been allowed to get there

This wasn’t the only dust up these two had

There’s clearly no love lost between these two guys, but I can’t stop laughing at JR here. How is he going to call anyone a bum when he can’t even get a workout? Plus he knows deep down he didn’t want to scrap with Marcus so I’m not really sure the angle here. Remember it was JR Smith who had all those dirty plays, that’s way more of a bum thing to do in my opinion.

Classic case of being tough with his Insta Fingers, because sadly we have evidence of him wanting nothing to do with a pissed off Smart. He couldn’t hide behind those officials quick enough. Poor JR, sad this is where he’s fallen to. Someone tell LeBron to throw him another bone and get him a roster spot in LA, it’s clear he has the time.