End Your Workday With This Insane Collection Of Steph Curry Bombs

Washington Wizards v Golden State Warriors

If there’s one thing I know it’s that on Friday once you get to this point of the day you start to lose your shit. A brutal week in your rearview mirror, the weekend so close you can taste it, no doubt about it the homestretch on Fridays are rough. Which is why today to help you get to freedom I’m rolling with the foolproof goods. There’s no doubt about it, Steph Curry puts asses in the seats. More specifically, his ability to throw a basketball into a hoop from literally anywhere on the court. After he went for 11 3PM against the Mavs recently and then a little crazy the other night against the Pelicans where he had another 9. In fact so far this January Curry has played 9 games and has at least 8 3PM in 4 of them. That’s totally normal and happens all the time.

How ridiculous has Curry been over his career? Well, let’s all look at this super cool looking career 3PM shot chart

Look at all those 30+ makes and try and understand that. He truly is a generational talent. So, what better way to end your Friday than a cool 12 minutes of Steph Curry bombs. Even if you’ve seen all of these before, it is internet law that whenever there is a Steph Curry compilation out there on the internet you have to watch it. I can assure you there is no chance you regret it.

Great job getting through the week everybody. I’ll see ya again on Monday, have a great weekend.