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Diehard Longtime Suffering LA Rams Fan YG Demands his Money from Birdman After Beating the Saints

I couldn’t be happier for YG. It’s nice to see such a championship starved team and city finally get over the hump and get to the big game. You think your team/city has it bad? It took the Los Angeles Rams an entire 36 months from the owners meetings in January 2016 that approved their switch from St. Louis. I mean lets really peel back the layers here. The New England Patriots have been to three Super Bowls in that time, THREE!!!!! And the little ole Rams are just making their first. Talk about a true underdog story. No big names on the roster, not in a big market, coach with no experience and still through all that they’ve leaped to the pinnacle of their profession. Just a testament to the toughness and grit a city like LA possesses. The team really has embodied that blue collar hard hat and lunch pail mentality that LA prides itself on. Probably great for LA’s economy too. It was also great for YG’s economy as it seems he made a little wager with Birdman on yesterdays game.

If you know anything about Birdman’s history with paying rappers I find it highly unlikely that YG sees this money. Personally, I don’t think Birdman should have been making any bets in the first place when he owes Lil Wayne $10 million but hey, thats just my opinion. I’m team Weezy for life and will go to the grave saying he’s the GOAT, so by association I’m OUT on Birdman. I wish YG the best in his efforts to obtain this money but it sure would be entertaining to see this go to court. Imagine Birdman’s lawyer arguing in front of a jury about the blatantly missed PI call that cost the Saints the game while Birdman watches and rubs his hands together after every point his attorney makes. Thats box office television right there.