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Hayden Panettiere Wasn't Thrilled With The Paparazzi's Pictures And Ended Up BOOM! Roasting Herself Big Time

Carnival fun house mirror apps? BOOM! Nailed that one right on the head. You’re not in front of those friendly skinny mirrors no more while preggo. At least she’s self aware she looks like Frumpty Dumpty in that outfit that leaves little to the imagination. Honestly, Hayden should be counting her blessings she doesn’t look worse after being ragdolled by Zangief from Street Fighter for the past couple years. Kind of surprised she still has full use of her legs.

But onto the more important issue: Was Hayden Panettiere ever all that in the first place? I mean, she’s a cutie, but without the help of photoshop and the obvious Fool’s Gold on her chest, she’s your run of the mill NYC 5 (LA 3, Philly 6.5, The Queen Of Cleveland):







PS – 1st season of Heroes: Amazing. The next 84 seasons: Despicable. Screw you, NBC.