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Nothing Like A Casual Metal Bat Fight Between Two Girls While Cars Ram Into Each Other

This has to be a behind the scenes look at the filming of some secret Grand Theft Auto movie, right? I know the bat is the default weapon outside of your fists in GTA before you are able to graduate to all the goodies that Ammunation has to offer and weaponizing your car to run over whoever you are trying to kill is Day 1 stuff for any true Grand Theft Auto player. Other than that, I refuse that this is real life where people have bats on them at all times in case a bat fight breaks out and people driving will turn actual automobiles into real life bumper cars. In fact, the only person in this entire video that actually has a functioning brain in her head is the girl holding the camera trying to avoid any smoke while begging Rina to get back. Seriously Rina, GET BACK! Can’t you see the two people swinging metal bats at each other like they are plastic lightsabers as cars try to run them over? Do you understand the gravity of this situation? Maybe not, because again this cannot be real life. Has to be a movie or a prank. Or a typical night in Florida.

UPDATE: Apparently based on the shape of the street signs, this took place in Louisiana, which kinda makes sense because Louisiana is the kissing cousin (and definitely at least some hand stuff) of Florida.