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Hawk Harrelson Is 77 Years Old and Still a Quote MACHINE #GOAT

Love him or hate him, baseball and broadcasting will not be the same without Hawk this year.  Truly one of a kind.  Wore his emotions on his sleeve, was a complete homer, and was always good for a knee slapping one liner.  AJ Pierzynski told me a few weeks back on Red Line Radio that Hawk is a real life Forrest Gump.  Well he was “sent girls” from Frank Sinatra, was with Joe Namath at a Miami club the night before he guaranteed victory in the Super Bowl, is boys with MJ and the list goes on.  Once the first pitch is thrown in April for the regular season it’ll truly hit me that we won’t have Hawk this year.  Manny hitting his first dinger at 35th and Shields won’t have the same effect on Sox fans as it would with Hawk calling it.  Really makes me said

I love this man and always will.