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Eric Mussleman Admits He Couldn’t Get An Interview With San Jose State Due To Lack of Experience - Says To Look At His Wife To Prove He Can Recruit

Eric Musselman is absolutely electric, man. The dude is not only running one of the more prolific offenses since he took over for Nevada. He’s electric with quotes. I mean who could remember him in the NCAA Tournament last year?

And now he’s out here using his wife as a reason to prove he could always recruit. Listen, he’s not wrong. His wife is a smoke. But, what a quote. Of course San Jose State didn’t call Musselman back. That would be too smart for them and SJSU continues to be the worst team in the MWC. This was back when the 2012-13 season ended. Musselman, who had already been the head coach for the Warriors, Kings and a G League team didn’t have enough college experience. He had just finished his first year at Arizona State as an assistant coach, plus, you know, all the NBA stuff. You know what, call me crazy, but I think he can recruit just fine.