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St. Joe's Ronald Roberts Jr. Has A Vertical Leap Scouts Say Is Too High To Measure

NIP – Ronald Roberts Jr averaged over 14 points and 7 rebounds a game for St. Joe’s this season. The 6’8 forward led his team to an Atlantic 10 championship and a March Madness automatic bid. Roberts can also jump out of the gym. The young man from the Dominican Republic has worked out for 15 NBA teams and a scout for the Toronto Raptors noted his vertical leap as “Too high to measure”, meaning it was over 46 inches.

Disgusting. Absolutely straight filth. Wiggins who? I don’t care if he averaged just 14 and 7, pick Roberts Jr. up with the 3rd pick for the 76ers’ Trampoline Dunk Team alone. That’s how you’re going to put asses in the seats, Hinkie. At the very least he’ll succeed where I failed on making the Sixers Flight Squad.

I can’t even imagine what it’s like jumping up and end up looking down at the rim. Like a God gazing down on the Earth and his peasants. Where the shit was this cat for Team Barstool Philly when we were trying to get all the St. Joe’s guys? If we had him windmilling from half court we might have only lost by 20.