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I Don't Want To Alarm Anyone But We're Getting A New Future Album At Midnight

(Play this for the entirety of this blog. Or don’t. It’s a free country.)

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 10.56.00 AM

Man landing on the Moon. The fall of the Berlin Wall. The Shot Heard Round the World. There have been countless seminal moments throughout the history of mankind. Even prior to that I’m sure some notable shit happened when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Like when that giant meteor crashed into the surface of this great planet, making them entirely extinct. That feels noteworthy. Tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, we as a human collective will experience yet another moment in time. A “where were you when” type of event that our children and our children’s children will be discussing for centuries to come.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 11.16.04 AM

Future hasn’t had an album with a calculated lead up since DS2. He’s dropped tons of projects since then but nothing with the power of Apple Music and the machine churning behind him like tonight’s release. If you need me at midnight tonight I will be sitting in the dark with my headphones duct taped to my ears overdosing on endorphins like those kids who play video games for too many hours in a row and keel over in their basements. And I’ll do it with a goddamn smile on my face.

I’ll also be wearing the most fire shirt in the history of cloth and color. A moment like this deserved such a historic piece of artwork to go along with it.