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Dan Hurley And Frank Haith Got Ejected For Trying To Shake Hands Proving Mick Cronin And Everyone Else Right For Blasting College Basketball Refs

Holy shit. College basketball officials continue to prove that I’m correct in screaming about how bad they are. I mean it’s no surprise considering Pat Adams is a ref here. But, this is absolutely atrocious officiating. This is no joke as bad as officiating as you’ll see.

And here’s the real kick in the dick. It doesn’t matter. Pat Adams and the rest of this crew isn’t going to suffer any consequences for being completely awful at their job. This is what happens when they are independent contractors and it’s an old boys club. The fact we have these guys in their 60s trying officiate a game that they can barely get up and down the floor with is flat out embarrassing for a sport. But, don’t worry. Mark Emmert and others in their 60s will tell you it’s paying players that’s ruining the game.

Nope, it’s shit like this. Kicking coaches out because you want to be part of the game. It’s time that coaches start firing back. We had Karl Hess – who should never officiate a game in college basketball ever again – get in the face of Scott Padgett. We had Mick Cronin get ejected for a terrible reason and call out refs. Now this. It’s ruining the sport. It has nothing to do with one-and-dones. It has nothing to do with players getting extra benefits. It has everything to do with how this game is officiated. But, guess what. If a coach says that they get fined. Because, well, that makes sense. Why wouldn’t we start placing blame on officials, who don’t even have to answer questions after a game.

You think I’m making up that coaches are reaching a breaking point. Look at this tweet from Rob Dauster who has as good of a relationship with coaches as any out there in media:

You know what. Good for Hurley. Here’s more to what he said:

Again, we need coaches speaking out against this. Too many times officials have become part of the game. We almost reward games where refs simply do their job. It seems rare that there isn’t some sort of controversy. All I know, is this needs to stop.

This was another embarrassing job by the NCAA and its officials. Ejecting guys as a secondary official here because you thought it was escalating. Fuck out of here.